Cable Cam vertical winch – Grip-Box in Belgium

We had the pleasure to go to Belgium with our Grip-Box equipped with vertical winch cable cam to shoot plans for the future film Girl of the young director Lukas Dhont. The film will be released in the course of 2018.

For this performance we made a vertical traveling in a stairwell on 6 floors or 22 meters high. Thanks to Gripwise’s on-site technical team for their kindness (Jorrit and Roy).

The specifications were sharp since it was necessary to be able to film in 360 ° continuous in order to be able to follow a person who ran up the stairs. A special request was made by the director and the technical team of the film: do not use ropes inside the stairwell.

This bet has been successfully met since our installation worked perfectly without a single piece of rope appearing inside the stairwell and therefore in the picture.

In terms of technical configuration, we used the Grip Box as a cable cam vertical winch, a Movi M15, alexa Mini and Leica Summilux – C optics.

Grip-Box cablecam vertical winch Movi M15 leica summilux Grip-Box poste pilotage pupitre Grip-Box cablecam vertical winchcage escalier movi M15 Grip-Box cablecam vertical winch movi m15 pupitre

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