Pub Longines Cablecam Grip-Box 2D


We are very pleased to share with you our work done during the rental of our cablecam Grip-Box for the filming of the pub Longines in Lausanne in Switzerland.

Cablecam 2D Grip-Box Longines

Installed above the obstacle course we installed the Grip-Box over a length of 70m to a height of 14 meters. We followed the different trajectories of the horse during the preparation of his jumps as well as during his jumps.

The technical team consisted of a rope operator, a cablecam Grip-Box driver, a Movi M15 gyrostabilized head technician and a person at the point.

We installed the system between 2 maniscopic (in the rain) for 6 hours !! The filming took place the following day throughout the day.

Here are some pictures (thanks to Pur Prod):

Pub Longines:

Making of Pub Longines:

cablecam 2d Longines

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