“Facilitate and expand the art of traveling”


R-Motions is the revival of the TV & Cinema machinery. It overcomes the physical limitations and develops new uses.

Our position meets the growing demand for all production companies, TV channels and movie studios. This technology enables lower production costs, miniaturization, ease of transportation, installation and obtaining more technical images while increasing the yield of successful images.

We managed to meet this technological challenge by proposing a solution out, reliable, less expensive, lightweight and versatile. The steering is done intelligently via a new type of interface that allows the user to model his movements, secure and improve its practices.

The software allows to focus only on the work of making all without technical constraints.

Jean Jadaud

Benoît Dentan

Vincent Leygonie

Lionel Kappelhoff Lançon

Marraine d’honneur : Dominique Pourtau

Supported by the ICC (Yves DUMESTRE) and the Midi-Pyrénées region (France BPI).

They trusted us,