“Facilitate and expand the art of traveling”

Our Products: Muto and Grip-Box

R-Motions is a company that designs, manufactures and markets solutions for moving to the TV industry, film and event. Based on a versatile control interface to automate and secure the movement, R-Motions disclaims 2 product lines to offer a global solution for moving for the cameras, but also the lighting, objects and people etc ..

Two product lines: a specific, dedicated to aerial and versatile allowing to combine in a single product movement earth, air and winch.

Requiring two points of inking, very light, the “Muto” is perfect for moving quickly between 2 points. It can fly over the public or to adapt to rapid installations to be quickly modified as for the cinema.

From the family of cable cameras on the Muto is a new system that can be installed anywhere as nature intended, on football stadiums / athletics, TV trays or film shoots.

Thought differently, the Grip-Box offers a new ergonomic, lightweight and “all in one”. We have met the challenge of an ergonomic product, and less expensive to bring all families traveling in the same product. The Grip-Box works even 1 or 2 dimensions simultaneously.

Creating its own market segment, compact, powerful and packed with electronics, this new box will allow you to combine mastery of movement and versatility of use. For use with our R-Motions Control interface, the system driver is intuitive and allows to make motion control any object or person that can be moved.


R-Motions represents the renewal of TV & Cinema machinery. It overcomes the physical limitations and develops new uses.

Our position meets the growing demand for all production companies, TV channels and movie studios. This technology enables lower production costs, miniaturization, ease of transportation, installation and obtaining more technical images while increasing the yield of successful images.

We note this technological challenge and propose a solution out, reliable, less expensive, lightweight and versatile. The steering is done intelligently with this new type of interface that allows the user to model his movements, secure and improve its practices.

The software allows to focus only on the work of implementation, all without technical constraints.

Godmother of honor : Dominique Pourtau

Supported by the ICC (Yves DUMESTRE) and the Midi-Pyrénées region (France BPI).

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