Last shots cable cam Muto and Grip-Box

We were very busy these first 6 months of the year !!

The Muto is released several times each to make 2 shoots of fashion Louis Vuitton, H & M, the Grand Slam of Paris 2017 in Bercy in cable cam and a week of musical live in Morocco on the festival Mawazine 2017 in Rabat in Morocco.
Concerning the Grip-Box, the development continues and the shooting begins gradually to be linked. After having done the last Longines pub in 2D camcorder during a shooting in Switzerland, we made 1 shoot in the forest (T = 0 ° C) this winter in very cold conditions. We also start working on setting up lights and have made 2 shootings. The first one in 1-cam cable for Carbon Production in public overflight and the second one for the film Minuscule 2 in the forest, but this time with a 2-dimensional configuration and at very low speed in order to reproduce the flight of an insect in post-production .

Finally, discover our latest Grip-Box demo video here:

Reel Grip-Box:

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