Modular Solution For Movement

The Grip-Box is a revolutionary solution for moving multi-purpose Air / Ground. Gone are the distinctions between the air and ground movements, a single box can do everything : cablecam 1D/2D, motorised rails, circulars rails,verticals rails, winch.

Definitely turned to the versatility, Grip-Box does not stop there and can even move anything other than cameras. It can carry small gyro-stabilized heads like Stabe-One, MöVI, Ronin, Newton but also larger heads up to a total weight of 35 Kg. The “box” can also move objects, people, lights, fireworks, the screens on 1D or 2D planes with a range of accessories intended for all uses.

To do this, simply equip the box with the accessory that defines its use.

Grip-Box usage : Cable Cam / Dolly

Choose the configuration that suits you and benefit from our expertise for any customized quote.

OUR ADVANTAGES: Turnkey services, Product expertise via our specialized technician, Flexibility and ease of use (fast installation in less than one hour on 1D configurations), Compatible with all gyro-stabilized heads, Transport by plane.


Light, the Box can be attached anywhere and in several different ways. Designed to be able to use bridges with lights, light weight allow you to adapt to demands of complex movements while meeting tight budgets. So many movements that require heavy installations will become possible simply with lights bridges.

It can also use precision winch with its winch. Everything can move to become Motion Control. Freedom is now in your hands.