News R-Motions 2016 : Muto, Grip Box opening EKTA LED screens

A small article today to keep you informed of current news and upcoming R-Motions.

We just finished the fashion show during fashion week for Louis Vuitton with Muto. The installation was a 1D cablecam to fly the first line right where the models appeared.

The Muto was also involved in a shoot still cablecam 2 RedBull services to film Tom Pagès the world famous FMX rider but also film the live RedBull CliffDiving 2016 in La Rochelle.

Parallel to the activity made with Muto dedicated to the economy of the TV broadcast, feature film and advertising, R-Motions is also developing two other movements layout solutions: Grip-Box but also Transpaled.

The Grip-Box is currently in the development phase of operations to allow honing the product. We currently used version of “vertical rail” on a scene edge at the NRJ Tour in Toulouse, version cablecam 1D on a evening event organized by median and on the last 2D Longines cablecam pub.

This versatile product will allow users to multiply the camera uses stabilized moving on the same site all with the same hardware and the same interface. The versatility of the product allows it to transform both cablecam, motorized dolly on ground rails or suspended or curved rails, winch vertical or vertical rails. Feel free to visit our online page to discover the possible installation diagrams. The fields of application are both the TV broasdcast the film or advertising and events. All the heads gyrostabilized settles on the frame for a max payload of 35 kg. It is now possible at a location to motorize pub on the same day a cablecam then chaining a rail system!

The Transpaled: What’s this ???

This is a system for moving LED screens on stage. The system allows the opening of 2 LED screens made of LED tiles such as those of EKTA brand. The opening and closing is managed symmetrically, parallel or independent and moves the screens as if they were a door that opens. They can also move simultaneously in translation but also leave them open. Most of this system lies in the size of the structure for moving the screens while leaving an open floor passage to avoid disturbing people walking inside of the doors.

Managed by the R-Motions are system interface uses a programmable system and secured with sensors that allow a closing mastered of 2 screens. Once installed, the system to transport the LED screens is very discreet and hidden by the structure of screens in itself.


Transpaled by r-motions

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